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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pro Sports and Statistics: What Can We Learn from the Statistics of Life?

I have learned about the 4 areas of Statistical methods: Descriptive statistics, probability, statistical inferences and statistical techniques. I have learned about population, sample, random sample, survey, census, data, numerical and categorical data, data set. The data set is the collection of all the data taken from a sample. So a statistic is a number that summarizes the data collected from a sample. And statistics are based on sample data, non on population data. When data is collected from an entire population, we have a census. I also learned to distinguish between mean or average, median, mode, standard deviation which represents the typical distance from any point in the data set to the center. It’s roughly the average distance from the center. I also learned how to calculate the standard deviation, understand its properties (s can never be a negative number; the smallest possible value for the standard deviation is 0; it has the same units as the original data. I also learned about the connection of probability to statistics. There are two conceptual approaches in the study of probability, objective and subjective probability. I learned about P(A or B) and P(A and B). I also learned about conditional probability as expressed in the probability of A given B = P(A and B)/P(A). A probability tree is also defined.

Probability is about uncertainty and outcomes. Life itself can be interpreted as a sequence of unpredictable events. Probability can be used to help predict the likelihood of certain events occurring. By collecting data which can be summarized and interpreted with statistics, one may get a better idea of the salaries of the NBA and NFL athletes. Since every probability is a number or percentage between 0% and 100%, one can have an idea of weather report predicting an 80% chance of rain. If I get this report, I will most likely wear a raincoat to work or school. At least, I will have an umbrella. If I have all the salaries of NBA team San Antonio Spurs, I could calculate the mean, median and mode of all the athletes’ salaries. Another real-life example is that of stock brokers. They use probability in their decision-making every day. They wonder whether a given stock goes up or down, whether to buy or sell or inform their clients. Statistics are also present in the news reports and NFL games. In fact, most NFL coaches have dedicated staff who monitor the statistics of games. Then, broadcasters report them to us, fans and viewers. A new website is trying to start trading players. ProTrade.com starts as a fantasy player trading. The premises of the site are each player’s stats.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jerseys That Are Being Snapped!

Mr. Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Olympia for the 8th time!

Congratulations, Ronnie! A great commitment to fitness, health and bodybuilding!

Monday, August 22, 2005

AbbyZ Shop For Plus Size, Big Boned, Larger, Nike-type Women

According to their press release, a lot of important names have been wearing their clothes. “Our clothes have been worn by such celebrities as Queen
Latifah, Emme, Star Jones, Camryn Manheim and many

Abby Z and other designers such as Nike realize that this market needs to be served. They can't afford to just leave all these great customers to Big and Tall and Curves stores. It's time that curvy women feel as comfortable shopping for clothes that will fit their bodies.

Who does not have a sister, a friend or a relative who is on the heavy set side? Who does not know a woman who puts on some weight after giving birth? Yes, the real woman will tend to gain weight just like Oprah. The real woman, now celebrated by Dove's Uniliver campaign and Nike, needs the attention of designers all over the world. There are more of them than of the thin-rail, size 12 models out there. It's time that the fashion industry recognize this truth.

Abby Z specializes in creating great, contemporary designs and looks for larger size women. She knows that they want to feel and look good in their clothes. She designs for the independent plus size woman who wants to have choices in her wardrobe just like the 0-12 size women do. Abby Z collection is for the normal, regular women who enjoy good clothes.

You can find these clothes at Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom and other locations near you.

Please contact our publicist at (212) 944-8886 or email her at

Sunday, August 07, 2005

JUICED: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, And How Baseball Got Big

Do you wonder whether anybody wants to wear his jersey? Think again. Jose names names in his book. He said he took steroids and human growth hormones with Mark Maguire, Rodriguez. In Juiced, he went further than what we have already known. High-profile players such as Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield have been dealing with the steroid issues.

In a 60 minutes series played twice, he admitted to having used these ilicit drugs during his career despite the fact that he had said otherwise. He realized that reporters can make a player's career if they like him or destroy him if they dislike him. He said there was no objectivity in the news.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

College and University Alums, Alumni & Members of the Community Are Proud To Wear School Logos

All over the country, college-town stores have created a special niche catering to students, jocks and members of the sports team. The college apparel is hot. So are the major league or organized sports teams. NBA, NFL, MLA, MLS teams have fans all over the country. They buy their merchandise to show their loyalty and fashion savvy. Go to any malls in the country, and you will find the likes of Steve and Barry's University Sportswear. Usually, young entrepreneurs who are in touch with the needs of the teens' market power try to secure space in malls to open their apparel shop. Even Wal-Mart gets into the action. Large chains such as Lord & Taylor, Saks have taken a back seat. Others such as Ames, Montgomery Ward have disappeared. K-Mart-Sears, Federated-May have combined to rescue themselves.

It goes without saying that most colleges and universities operate a book and apparel store where you can buy their merchandise. When these universities are known to win championships, they can sell lots of jerseys, jackets, T shirts, sweatpants, jeans, sneakers, backpacks and tank tops. Who would not want to wear a Harvard Jacket? Who would not want invest in an MIT polo shirt? If these schools are not representing the powerhouse in football, basketball or any other sports, they are known all over the world for their academic position. Which other university apparel would you like to wear? How about Auburn University? Ohio State University? Oklahoma University at Norman?

Teams Whose Jerseys are hot with men and Women

Sportswear Jerseys, Jackets and Tee Seen Mostly on California University Campuses

Some of my favorite Major League Soccer Jerseys

Wearing jerseys has become the new thing to be seen in. Having played soccer in high school and college, I still play and watch the games. U.S. soccer has come a long way. With all the teams forming the new league, we can hope it's going to take roots for ever. This is why my daughter and son are so interested in the teams' stats, jerseys, tees, and uniforms. As much as we can, we buy some merchandise from MLSnet.com store. So far, I like DC United's Freddy Adu, Los Angeles Galaxy's Landon Donovan, formerly with the San Jose Earthquakes. My family is a true fan of the league. More than anything, wearing the jersey shows our affiliation and interests in the league.

Guys who strip to see The Naked Truth, 1900s Nudes!

No, this is just one of my husband's favorite cotton bikini. I think that guys should strip to get in to see the arts at the museum.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Disrobe and enter the museum for free!

Are you a Flip flop Shopper? What College & University Students Are Wearing This School Year!

Find more Flip flops at Flip flop Surfer Attitude: Life's a beach!

This one is for our dinner table. Our daughter picked it up.

This football can be on my husband desk in his office. He wants it on his desk at work.

I've got to purchase this wall clock for my son. The Chicago Bears is his favorite team. I hope he does read this before Christmas. Check universalshopping.com and collegefootballstore.com to find out more in case you are interested.

University and College Sportswear I am adding to my Present List This Year

University Sportswear is the new Chic Clothing To Wear: Have You Gotten Yours Lately?

Here is a sample of the favorite jerseys, t-shirts, varsity jackets, sweatpants, jeans, work boots, sneakers and jackets that my husband has bought over the years. Now our son is wearing them to school.

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